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Sudbury Charities Foundation representative presented a cheque for $7,000 to Childhood-Enfance to help with ongoing children breakfast programs. (left to right: Childhood Administrator Bernard Raymond, Sudbury Charities Past President Omer Gagnon, Childhood President Clement Lafreniere, Sudbury Charities President John Querney)

The Bread Project Group of the New Horizons Program for Seniors diplayed holiday breads of six communities on Sept.11, 2005 at Sudbury's Famrers Market. Taste treats were offered to the public resulting in $400.50 in donations to Childhood Enfance.
(left to right: Mary Stefura, Clem Lafreniere, Shirley Moutsatsos, Judi Cartman, Rita Rinaldi, Gertie Manitowabi, Arja Makinen)


Children with school plaque

Marc Gautier, Principal at Helene Gravel accepting plaque from Bernard Raymond.

Bernard Raymond presenting plaque


Childhood Enfance President, Clement Lafreniere, receiving funds from Chevaliers de Colomb 12047 representative Jean Paul Mathias.

Childhood Enfance representatives Hubert Bray (left) and Clement Lafreniere (centre) receive a dontation from Catholic Charities representative George McEwan.

Sudbury North East Lions Club donating funds to Childhood Enfance.

Past Childhood Enfance President, Peter Wong, accepting a cheque from the Royal Canadian Legion.

Recognition Plaque from the City of Greater Sudbury.

City of Greater Sudbury Councilor Louise Portelance speaking at the Childhood Enfance Awards Brunch at Bingo One.

Awards Brunch at Bingo One. (2003)